We can help you find seasonal ski accommodation!

Looking for the best value for money seasonal ski accommodation in the French ski resorts? Whether you are looking for a bed, studio, apartment or chalet, we can help you find seasonal accommodation options.

Seasonal Accommodation: What to Expect

Seasonal accommodation in the French Alps can be very expensive and hard to organise even when you are in the resort.

To save on costs, most seasonnaires share a room, often sleeping in a bunk bed to make it cheaper. Seasonal accommodation is usually VERY small but remember, in the end you don’t spend much time there. Hopefully you will be out skiing, socialising and working. It is not uncommon to have 2 sets of bunks beds in a 25 square metre studio apartment.

Landlords or rental agencies often require payment of the entire ski season up front along with a bond. Sometimes electricity, water and WiFi is included. If you need to pay upfront for your accommodation, 1st Contact Forex has cheaper international money transfers than the banks and a better exchange rate than paying on your credit card.

Prices per bed per season (December to May) in a 4/6 share apartment can range from approximately 2,200 Euros in the cheaper resorts to 3,000+ Euros in the more expensive ones. If you have a group, it is normally cheaper to rent an entire studio or apartment.  and normally have a good range of budget accommodation options, but you have to get in early. If you quote SKI JOBS FRANCE you will receive a small discount off the price. In some resorts it is possible to find people to share once you arrive.

Sometimes accommodation is included as part of the ski job package. If it is, most likely the cost of the accommodation will be deducted from your pay. Whether accommodation is included or not as part of your pay package, you will end up with approximately the same amount of money in your pocket at the end of the ski season.

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