Ski Jobs France Starter
What we'll do for you to make the trip of a lifetime, a reality!

At Ski Jobs France, we have all taken a working holiday in ski resorts across the globe and had the time of our lives. Now it is your turn to join in with the adventure, fun and excitement in by far our most favourite destination, France. The French Alps are HUGE, both geographically and culturally.

What’s Included

We have created a starter package to help Australians, New Zealanders, British and Canadians to take a working holiday in France:

  • All the support you need before you leave

  • Interview with recruitment specialist pre departure

  • Resume review, tips and assistance to get noticed by the French employers

  • Guidance to find job opportunities and French CV template

  • A step by step guide to obtain a French working holiday visa (for Australians, Canadians and New Zealanders)

  • Access to the best ski travel insurance

  • Help to find flights and travel info to get you to France

  • French Tips and pre departure info regarding living and working in France – bank account opening assistance in Paris, best SIM cards to use etc.

  • 1 night dorm arrival accommodation in Paris

  • Assistance to find longer term accommodation

  • Access to discounted worker ski season passes (available in most resorts)

  • And most importantly, having the time of your life living in the French Alps!

The main start dates for jobs in the Alps are from November/December to April/May. Some employers start recruiting for next winter from April/May each year. Depending on experience, there is the chance of summer work following the ski season starting approximately June/July. Typically most employers will require a minimum age of 20 on arrival into France.  The earlier you start the job search, the better the chance of securing a job. Open to singles, friends and couples.

PROGRAM FEE – Starter program already full for the 2017/18 ski season

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Optional Extras

French Language Schools – Learn French in France!

Start learning French now! We strongly recommended you undertake French language classes before the beginning of the ski season.  If you don’t make an effort to learn the basics of French, jobs are much harder to secure. Even if you already know some French, a re-fresher course will give you the best chance of finding a great job!

Ski Jobs France has partnered with leading French Language Schools throughout France and secured discounts for all our participants, so that you can study and learn French in France. French school locations include Annecy, Chamonix, Biarritz, Bordeaux, Nice, and Paris. One week intensive courses normally include 5 x 4-hour lessons. Contact us today for access to discounts.

For those who don’t speak any French, attendance for at least 1 week is ESSENTIAL!

Ski Jobs France Testimonials

“I signed up with the program and it was the best decision I have made. Ski Jobs France made it really easy. You have help on hand all the time through the whole process, so it is definitely the best way to go”
Adrianna – click on the link on the right to see the full interview on You Tube

“Morzine is an awesome! We have both settled into the job here and are working in the kitchen. We are working and living with Sophie from aus, who got her job through you as well. The boss has been here for a week and is a good bloke to work for. There’s a great team as well. We have taken up snowboarding and are pro’s, (can make it to the bottom without falling.. much)

Liam – Working in a chalet in Morzine

Zac working in Morzine

“I have accepted the position with the chalet. I will contact Morzine to inform them to no longer consider my application. Thanks very much with your help Craig and I know I wouldn’t have got a job without all your help. I know because I tried last year and got zip – 2 job offers from 3 attempts, and one pretty posh place- couldn’t have been more pumped.”
Jen – Chalet work in La Tania

“We arrived at Morzine last Saturday night. Nic and I have a room together in the staff apartment just out the back which we’re really happy with. We have been blown away by the alps so far and we were lucky enough to get up to Avoriaz last Sunday.
The staff here are also very friendly and accommodating. Thanks for all your help Craig! I can tell its gong to be a great 4-5 months.”

Zac and Nicola – Hotel Assistants in MorzineMel and Tarryn working as chalet hosts in Morzine

“This place is amazing! The snow has landed and in full form. Its about 3 feet deep and heading out for a ski on Saturday when Avoriaz opens.
Julie and Lesley are great, and the chalet is beautiful. We have been driving round the town a bit to get a feel for Morzine. What a pretty little village. Looking forward to getting guests in next Saturday and getting Christmas out of the way.
Thank you for everything so far and im sure if we have any questions we will be in touch.
Mel and Tarryn – Chalet Hosts/Assistants in Morzine

“It’s phenomenal. Great skiing, great people, great work and great party. I’ve got a really nice boss and all the staff are French in my shop. My French isn’t that great. My direct boss is lionnel.
Then there’s people through Craig’s side of town/roommates who r Danish, Swedish Norwegian etc.Laurence working in a ski workshop in Val Thorens It’s tiring (even without the party) just skiing, working and acclimatising to the altitude. I have my own bedroom sharing with a French employee who works in another shop.”
Laurence – Ski Shop in Val Thorens

“Thank you so much for your help Ski Jobs France (Craig). Cannot recommend them enough, went well above expectations and found what looks to be exactly what I was after. Looking forward to the start of the season!”
See the Facebook Post here!

Jordan – Kitchen Porter/Glass Collector in Tignes

“Hi Craig,
Craig and Laurence on a night out in Val ThorensI would just like to say a massive thank you for everything you have done to help me out for this trip, I could not have done it without you! If you are around Val Thorens in the next 6 months chuck us an email or Facebook message and ill buy you a beer! Cheers”
Craig M – Val Thorens

“Hey it’s going great I started work on the 21st and it’s been good so far they really take care of us at the hotel the room is big and I’m on my own and I get 3 meals a day included so its awesome!
Ya I have gotten out 4 times it’s been good! We need the snow badly tho”
Dane – Housekeeper in Tignes

“That all sounds amazing!! Thank you for organising the accommodation. I am so excited!! I cant thank you enough for everything! You have been so wonderful! You go above and beyond!”
Alice P – French lessons in Annecy

Dane in Tignes Powder in early December 2012“Richard just called to officially offer me the position 🙂 The job sounds perfect for me! Thank you Craig! I really appreciate all the work you’ve put in for me!”
Jessie – Chalet Chef

“I just wanted to forward you the confirmation and acceptance I have received from Val D’Isere. Also, to thank you for all your effort in getting me this position, it’s been handled very professionally. Truly grateful. This is truly going to be an experience.”
Ben – Musician in Val d’Isere 

“I’m extremely excited about the Chalet job!! I will be accepting the position 🙂

Ben skiing in Val d Isere FranceThanks again for all the help, without you this amazing adventure would not be possible.”
Phoebs – Chalet Assistant in Morzine

You have been an incredible help. I’m so stoked. Thanks again you legend.
Ski jobs France! Doing some unbelievable work. A massive thanks to you Craig, your a god send mate and I’m greatly appreciative for your help. Big ups! Keep up the great work.”
See the Facebook post here!

“Hi Craig,
So I’m sure you have heard from Julie and Lesley by now regarding placing both of us with their chalet. If not, we got that fantastic phone call tonight from them, offering us jobs. I personally just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping us this far. We are both absolutely thrilled and cannot wait to get there! We will be in touch come visa time, and of course if we have any questions we will be sure to contact you.
We both just wanted to say thank you and to let you know how happy we are with the outcome.”
Melissa and Tarryn – Chalet Hosts

“Overall the season was better than expected!!!!! I’ve met amazing people not only from France but from all over the world that I’ll be friends with for many many years!!!! I could not have asked for a better season!
SJF is definite value for money as arriving without a job and living in the Alps could prove to be very expensive. It’s a small price to pay in comparison to what you could have to spend trying to set yourself up. SJF was very helpful in finding my employment and assisting me when my first job didn’t work out. Even while travelling before arriving in France, SJF was always in contact with me and helped to arrange all interviews.”

Lauren – Waitress/Bar Tender

“I am very glad that I went with SJF, my season could not have been better! I would definitely recommend the company!”
Jane – Chalet Assistant in Megeve

“Working in France was an amazing experience and would recommend it to anyone. The Ski Jobs France program took the hassle out of finding a job and accommodation while people I met and knew had to fight for both when they got here!”
Kevin – Ski Technician

Q. Was working and living a ski season in France what you expected?
“Yes, very hard work but lots of fun! Loved been able to snowboard 5 days a week. Met so many wonderful people.The SJF Program was Great! Took time out of searching for jobs, found the support wonderful!”
Alice – Chalet Host

“I would recommend the Ski Jobs France program. It’s stress free knowing that you can arrive in a ski town somewhere and know everything is already organised. The season has been good and definitely well worth it. Have loved all the fresh snow over the last month. Having a lot of fun and the work is fine.”
Caitlin – Waitress in Chamonix

“The season has been great – really hard work but by the sounds of it we have had much better perks than most seasonnaires. We would for sure recommend our employer!”
Maria – Chalet Host

“All is going well thanks, we got to cham late november and the hotel asked us if we could help them out and start earlier as they were super busy. We have got into the swing of the job now and are really getting along with the staff. this place is a magnificent part of the world and we are getting loads of snow, we have skied around 4 days already and are having a blast. Thanks again we really appreciate your services, if you wanna put me down for a reference for people thinking of doing ski jobs france go for it.
Chris – Hotel Housekeeper

“We’ve started work and settled in to our apartment. Val is awesome! The season was a little slow to start but it’s snowing heavily as I write this. Fingers crossed for a good season. Work is fine, we’re on a steep learning curve, but our boss, Thomas, is great.”
David – Ski Shop

“I believe the Ski Jobs France program is an outstanding service and will certainly recommend the program to any interested folk in the future.”

“Ski Jobs France was really helpful and onto it from the word go. Their insider knowledge of how ‘working in France works’, was invaluable. I was really thrilled they found me a great position so quickly and in such an exquisitely beautiful part of the French Alps, near the Swiss border. French Powder, here I come!”
Perth girl – Powder lover extraordinaire! – Chalet Assistant

“Thank you so much for all the help you have provided. You answered every question we had and your advice was on the spot. You certainly took the scary part out of the move for us, and set our minds at ease, especially when applying for the working holiday visa. Now we set off to work in the French Alps as a Chalet couple – a dream come true! Thanks again and we would be happy to recommend your services to others.”
Anthony and Vicky –  Chalet Couple

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