Nous recrutons du talent! We recruit great people!

EMPLOYEURS  – Nous recrutons des talents!

Ski Jobs France fournit GRATUITEMENT des solutions de recrutement pour les hôtels, bars, restaurants, chalets et magasins dans les stations de ski Françaises. Tous les candidats:

  • Auront passé deux contrôles de références, complétés d’un entretien approfondi et d’un formulaire de candidature.
  • Sont des travailleurs fiables d’Australie, le Royaume-Uni, Canada et de Nouvelle-Zélande. Ils travailleront pour vos objectifs et seront un atout dynamique et exotique à votre équipe.
  • Possèdent un passeport britannique / européen, un visa de travail valable pour la France ou passeront par le processus simple pour obtenir un visa de travail.
  • De plus, vous les aidez à réaliser leur rêve de travailler en France, et ils vous en seront éternellement reconnaissants.

Ski Jobs France fournit des employés compétents et des ouvriers qualifiés, vous épargnant la peine d’afficher les annonces d’emploi, la sélection des profils et les entretiens d’embauche. Nous évaluons le besoin de recrutement de chacun en fonction de leurs objectifs.

Pour vous, nous épargnons du temps et de l’argent, utilisez nos services. Contactez nous ci-dessous et donnez nous une description brève de vos besoins. Nous posterons vos annonces.

EMPLOYERS – We recruit great people!

Ski Jobs France provides FREE recruitment solutions in the summer and winter for hotels, bars, restaurants, chalets, airport transfers and shops in France. All applicants:

  • Will have passed two reference checks, completed an in-depth interview and application form.
  • Are hard-working and reliable from Australia, the UK, Canada and New Zealand. They will work towards your goals and be a dynamic and exotic addition to your team.
  • Possess a UK/European passport, a valid work visa for France, a valid work visa for the UK or be going through the simple process to obtain a work visa(s).
  • Plus, you get to help them realise a dream of working in France, which they will be eternally grateful for.

Ski Jobs France provides pre-screened, qualified and suitable employees, saving the hassle of posting job ads, short listing resumes and coordinating interviews. We assess the recruitment needs of each organisation and source talent in line with your goals.

To save time and money, utilise our services.

Send us a message on the contact us box below or send us a job description and we will post your ad.


“We are so chuffed at the moment with all of the guys we recruited through you. They are a great team and can’t do enough for everyone. Just brilliant for us not to have to stress about their lack of professionalism – Just great!”
Francesca – Hotel Director

“Coming back in time and seeing the staff that you have provided us plus looking through the last candidates; I can see that you really know what kind of people we are searching for. Your service is very professional and I trust your work. Just wanted to thank you for what you have done so far, and hope that we will continue this partnership. I am looking forward for your further suggestions.
Kate – Hostel HR Manager

“I have always been very pleased with the friendly and efficient service tailored to meet our individual requirements as well as the speedy response to any query. Craig quickly gained an understanding of our requirements and took the time to understand how we work. Ski Jobs France have always supplied us with skilled and personable staff who fit in well in our team and understand what we expect from them and enjoy their time with us.”
Nick – Hotel General Manager

Je suis très contente d’avoir collaboré avec vous cette saison d’hiver. Votre société nous a beaucoup séduit, par la facilité et l’efficacité de vos services. En effet, suite à notre premier contact, vous avez pu très vite comprendre notre demande. Nous avons reçu rapidement des propositions de CV correspondant au profil que nous recherchions. Nous avons apprécié également le fait que nous avons eu aucun travail administratif à faire au niveau des visas.

Sur place, les 2 personnes que Skijobfrance nous a envoyé ce sont avérés très motivés par le ski tout en étant professionnels, ponctuels et présentables. Malgré une barrière de la langue, ces 2 jeunes hommes ce sont bien intégrés dans l’équipe et ont été un bon soutien pour cette dernière.

Par conséquent, je recommande Skijobfrance pour leur professionnalisme dans le recrutement.
Aurélie – Directeur / Hotel Manager

“Thank you Craig for providing us with the key member of our team yet again this winter. We have already engaged you to find us yet another excellent chalet host for next season and in addition a chef. Craig at Ski Jobs France has a great track record finding well suited staff that match our requirements and staff that had a really enjoyable experience with us.”
Kate – Chalet Owner in Megève

“We used Ski jobs France for our recruitment this winter! We have a terrific couple who are doing a great job. Ski jobs France followed up at every stage, very impressed and will definitely use them again!”
“The candidates are very good!! Very pleased, all is going well, they are brilliant people, thank you so much! :)”

Renske – Chalet Company Owner/Operator in Chamonix

“The staff are perfect. They are both very involved in the team but even better, they are both good people. I’m very happy to have them working for me. Thank you.”
Kim – Bar and Bowling Manager in Val Thorens

“We have recruited through Skijobsfrance during the last two seasons and have found the calibre of candidate to be of a high standard. They do not inundate you with unsuitable CVs but listen to your requirements and only send through relevant applicants. I would not hesitate to recommend them as their service is quick, efficient and, most importantly, it works!”
Sam – Chalet Company Manager

“Many thanks for supplying us with such personable and hard-working staff once again. The 2 Liam’s and Sophie have settled in well to the team. They are all making a really good contribution and seem to be enjoying themselves a lot both on the property and up on the slopes.”
Alan – Chalet Company Director in Morzine

“Hi Craig, She is going great. A real asset to the team, just needs to work on her French. She is finishing her weeks training this week then is also going to start training in the kitchen so we can have an ‘all rounded’ staff and she can get more hours work with the double competence validation.
Thanks & have a good day.”

Dawn – HR and Bar Manager in Paris

“Kim, my chef, was fantastic, responsible and just got on with it.. Exactly what I was looking for!! Thank YOU Craig and Kim”
Lisa – Chalet Owner in Morzine

We have conducted an agreement with SKI JOBS FRANCE to welcome in our team a worker from Australia. So far, this deal has been very positive for the following reasons:
1- Good organisation from Ski Jobs France so recruitment process is shortened and is much appreciated as HR takes a lot of time.
2- Candidates had profiles which overall matched our needs.
3- Candidate selected has a good knowledge of French, is hard working, easy going and has a positive attitude with very good manners.
4- International crew are open minded which has a positive influence on guests and staff.
We highly recommend the services of SKI JOBS FRANCE.

Frédéric MARTINEAU – Directeur / Hotel Manager, HOTEL LES AIGLONS RESORT & SPA – Click here for full testimonial!

“We were approached by Craig to offer his services in recruiting for our chalet company. An excellent efficient service was provided, providing us with great staff with great references.”
Fiona – Chalet Manager / Owner

We have been very impressed with the applicants received from Ski Jobs France, Craig has experience and a real understanding of the attributes required for a ski season job and makes the whole recruitment process simple.”
Andrew – Chalet Company Manager

“Craig provided us with staff for season 2012/13 and we are pleased to report that we already have our staff for season 2013/14 on board. The process is very easy for both staff and employer, with the staff benefitting from additional support throughout the season should they need it.”
Julie – Chalet Manager / Owner

All the staff are great and we are really happy to have them on our team this winter. It has been a pretty crazy start to the season with mountains of snow to shovel and renovations running behind schedule. Hopefully things are calming down now and we are starting to get into the swing of things with clients in resort.”
Jodie – Chalet Company Manager

I have found Ski Jobs France to be very professional and helpful, it was excellent to know the applicant had already been interviewed by Ski Jobs France and so had a good understanding of the position advertised and helpful to have had the references already screened beforehand as well.”
Gina – Chalet Owner

What a relief to have someone do all the hard work and to send quality staff over for us to view – We are looking forward to meeting our first “Ski Jobs France” employee this winter – Thank you”
Francesca – Chalet Company Director

First of all may I thank you for suggesting to me Robert & Christopher. Erika the housekeeper and I are happy for them to be in our team. The snow is here, the staff is here too so now let’s go! We look forward to seeing you soon!”
Aurélie – Hotel Manager / Directeur

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